Then & Now: Recreating Old Photos Of Staten Island


The New York Public Library's collection of photographs offers a visual record of the city's long history, along with providing a slow-motion look at the whiplash change that leaves New Yorkers nostalgic for any long gone era. We've now chosen photos from the Library's catalog and reshot them to show how much more things have changed since they were taken.

Photograher Scott Heins traversed the five boroughs for the project, and says, "Recreating these photos from NYPL's archive reminded me that if anything defines New York City, it's change. Almost every image from the 20th century is, in a way, impossible to recreate now due to new buildings being built, demolished, or remodeled beyond recognition. This process, of course, will never stop, and so if you are looking to make some classic Nostalgic New York photos, go out and take them now. Hopefully they'll age well as time goes by."

The corner of Hylan Blvd and Donley Ave has long been home to a motel. In an undated photo from the NYPL, we see the Hylan Motel, looking like a perfect mid-century roadside stop and beckoning potential patrons with its Atomic Age sign. As time passed, the shine wore off and the sign came down.


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