Stuck Waterfront Ferris Wheel Plan Takes Center Stage in Staten Island Political Races


The base parts for the New York Wheel, an unfinished $650 million waterfront Ferris wheel once touted as Staten Island’s answer to the London Eye, have sat on prime public land — untouched — since 2017.

Staten Island’s current elected officials have stuck by the project, seen as the linchpin of the so-called North Shore Renaissance around the St. George Ferry Terminal, even after its initial developer declared the wheel dead two years ago.

But now several candidates running for City Council and borough president are breaking ranks and pledging to push City Hall and the city Economic Development Corporation to abandon the project, once slated to rise 630 feet with sweeping views.

“It would make more sense to find out what people are willing to do there,” said Leticia Remauro, a Republican candidate for Staten Island borough president who wants EDC to solicit new projects for the site.

Her proposal: Build the Donald Trump presidential library there. Other candidates are calling for a public pool or community center, while some want to seek ideas from local residents — not developers.


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