‘Can you protect my dad?’: 7-year-old Staten Island girl’s heartbreaking letter to Santa about doctor dad


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A 7-year-old Staten Island girl wants just one thing from Santa this year -- for her father to be safe.

In a letter to Santa Claus, Bianca, of Huguenot, asked him to keep her father, Jeremy, who is an emergency room doctor in the Bronx, safe while he’s helping sick people.

“Can you please protect my dad? He is helping sick people and we want him to be safe. He makes us so happy,” Bianca wrote in her letter to Santa.

She included drawings around her sweet letter of smiley faces, hearts, a gingerbread man and even “ER.”

Jerry Moriarty, Bianca’s grandfather, said the COVID-19 pandemic has been really tough for the family and Bianca, along with her younger brother, who worry about their dad’s safety.

Thankfully, Moriarty said Jeremy will be safe at home spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his family.

“God bless those who serve others,” Moriarty said.


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