‘He gave them a license to kill’: Kim, other NYC pols blast Cuomo over nursing home scandal at rally


Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim and colleagues in government from around New York City demanded that Governor Andrew Cuomo to take accountability for the nursing home scandal during a City Hall rally on Feb. 24. 

Amidst the very public feud between Kim and Cuomo that seems to be drawing more politicians into its polarizing vortex by the day, the Queens Democrat called upon the governor to return the $2 million in donations that were sent by the Greater New York Hospital Association; fully repeal the corporate immunity which allows nursing homes to not be held accountable for deaths of 15,000 people during the COVID-19 pandemic; and provide full disclosure all communication and correspondence between the hospitals and nursing home lobbyists to be shown to the public and media.

Kim is also calling for a congressional oversight hearing on this matter. 

“On March 25, 2020, Cuomo issued a mandate that said 9,000 COVID patients to unprepared nursing homes,” Kim said, referring to a now-infamous memo from the state Health Department. “They told the Department of Health over and over that they could not handle them.  They didn’t have PPE, their staff was sick with COVID already and they were not working. Nursing home workers told the Governor that if they sent COVID patients back to nursing homes they would die. What was Cuomo’s answer to them? He gave them a license to kill. That is what criminal and legal immunity is. It is the license to kill older adults through substandard care knowing that they can’t go to jail or be sued by families,” Kim said. 

Kim commenced the rally by calling out Cuomo for abusing his power and trying to bully others to bend to his will, chanting with the crowd,  “Cuomo is an abuser. Cuomo abuses his powers. Abusers are cowards!”

The assemblyman continued that there must be accountability for the families and even employees who were caught in the crossfire of what some politicians have described as a coverup by the Cuomo administration.

“This about getting justice for our families here in New York, who are grieving their loved ones, who deserve answers and to know why it is that their loved ones were moved without their consent. Why some of them were given near-lethal cocktails as supposed medicine and didn’t necessarily receive the appropriate medical care that we expect to receive?” Queens state Senator Jessica Ramos said. 


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