3 Riffs on the Cosmopolitan From Dante, One of NYC’s Hottest Cocktail Bars


In case you haven’t heard, the ‘90s are back. From crop tops and chokers to claw clips and bucket hats, a new generation is bringing old fads back in innovative ways. And as Gen Zers become of drinking age, beloved drinks trends of the past are also reemerging: namely, the Cosmopolitan.

Popularized at The Odeon in New York City, the drink became a true sensation in the ‘90s and early ‘00s due to its starring role in “Sex and the City.” Though the Cosmo often got a bad rep those days for being overly sweet, a well-made one is both elegant and balanced. Made with vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and lime, the concoction is also easily adaptable, making for myriad exciting riffing options.

And when it comes to emerging drinks trends, we often look to the world’s top bars to see what’s in vogue. Dante, a NYC bar that was voted the world’s best bar in 2019 and ranked second in the world in 2020, has often been at the forefront of cocktail crazes, helping to popularize the Negroni in recent years with its Negroni menu. And this summer, the bar’s West Village location has cemented the Cosmopolitan’s reemergence with its Cosmo Collection — a menu of eight inventive Cosmopolitan riffs.

To help expand our home bartending skills this summer (and to stay on trend with TikTokers and top mixologists alike), we consulted Dante about the new menu. Here are three of our favorite Cosmo recipes in Dante’s collection.


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