'They're Baaaaack': Goats Brought to NYC Park to Munch on Invasive Species


Two dozen goats were brought into a New York City park for the second annual "Running of the Goats," an event where the animals help remove invasive plant species by grazing.

The project is organized by Riverside Park Conservancy and began in 2019, according to Green Matters. The goats were brought to Riverside Park in the Upper West Side to eat whatever they want, including pesky plant species, keeping the goats and the park goers happy.

"I don't think I've seen anything more random than this," Meera Sitaram of the Upper West Side said to The New York Times.

The Riverside Park Conservancy has been trying to control species like porcelain berry, English ivy, mugwort, multiflora rose and poison ivy, as reported by The Washington Post.

It may seem odd that goats are consuming poison ivy, but it's completely safe for them, as they're immune to the allergens, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl, professor of crop science and animal science at North Carolina State University said to NPR.

The idea to bring in goats to eat weeds and other invasive species came to fruition because the Riverside Park Conservancy has been struggling to maintain the area for the past 15 years, according to The New York Times.


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