Rent A Tool NY Providing Affordable Tool Rental in Brooklyn


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2021 / -- Rent A Tool NY is pleased to announce it is providing affordable and reliable tool rental services.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Rent A Tool NY are tool rental experts that rent, sell, and deliver professional equipment in NYC. The company is renowned for providing superior customer service, affordable pricing, and even a telephone hotline for professionals.

“Many contractors and service providers in NYC would rather to rent a tool than buy and store equipment all year long,” says Dov Goodman, founder of Rent A Tool NY. “The crazy prices of renting a storage unit in the area push the "Rent A Tool" industry to new levels.”

According to Goodman, Rent A Tool NY is proud to lead the rentals industry in Brooklyn, offering vast categories of equipment and tools for rent at the lowest prices across NYC.

“Let us talk about customer service,” Goodman states. “When you are in the middle of a project and suffering from a lack of equipment, you must get it ASAP. Traveling via NY city streets can be a frustrating and time-consuming ride. Therefore, we deliver to offer the greatest level of convenience in the industry.”

Rent A Tool NY offers many various types of tools and equipment rental in NYC, including:

• Aerial Work: Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, One Man Lift
• Material Handling & Storage: Forklifts, Pallet Jacks
• Ladders & Scaffoldings: Ladders, Brackets, Mounts, Frames
• Plumbing: Sewer Camera, Snakes, Sewer Jetter, Pumps, Threaders
• Power Supply: Generators, Portable Generators
• Iron & Metal: Drills, Welders
• Wood Flooring: Drum Sander, Floor Edger & Buffer
• Cleaning Equipment: Dehumidifiers, Air Purifiers, Wet/Dry Vacuum, Carpet Cleaners
• Concrete Equipment: Core Drill Bits, Jack Hammer, Rotary Hammer, Plate Compactor, Cut-Off Saw, Grinders, Drills
• And more!

“Our aim is to offer the best tool rentals at lower prices,” Goodman says. “When you need a tool rental service in NYC, Rent A Tool NY is your one-stop shop in Brooklyn. Call Dov and get an offer, and the tools will be delivered securely to your location.”


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