Coney Island: Everything Worth Seeing, Doing, And Eating At Brooklyn's Best


Coney Island has a long history in Brooklyn and while it wasn't always a summer haven for locals, it has grown into an iconic New York destination. From boardwalk beaches to classic Coney Island roller coasters, there's nothing not to love about this offset region of one of New York's most eclectic boroughs. Many might know it thanks to the annual Hot Dog Eating Competition at Nathan's but this expanse of beach, sunlight, and food vendors has so much more to offer visitors.

The boardwalk offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city without feeling too isolated, and still having thriving energy of its own. Its distance from the nearest subway station - roughly 10 minutes if you're walking - also makes it a convenient and easy stop. If Brooklyn is on your list of summer destinations, Coney Island is a must - and trust us, there's more than just hot dogs to be had there.

Stroll Along The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is the most iconic part of Coney Island (aside from its beachside amusement park). It's practically a rite of passage to walk it and for newcomers, there's no better way to people-watch and take in the atmosphere surrounding them.

From there, it's practically a necessity to head down to the beach - if only to spend a little while in the sun and watch the surfers catch some waves. The boardwalk is also a great place to indulge in carnival-style games, grab some quick vendor eats, or pop a squat on a bench and hang out.

Head To Luna Park

This funky, retro-style park is yet another staple of Coney Island. With iconic rides such as Power Surge, Soarin' Eagle, and Thunder Bolt, it's a thrilling experience just waiting to happen. Forget about keeping a schedule and waste some time on the rides here - it'll be worth the walk.

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