Bronx borough pres. to host town hall, address COVID-19 vaccine concerns in communities of color


THE BRONX — Communities of color remain the hardest-hit neighborhoods of COVID-19, and despite promising news of vaccines available, there’s still a lot of skepticism surrounding them.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. hopes to change people’s minds and ease concerns by hosting a town hall Tuesday to address people’s questions.

Diaz hopes the town hall will dispel any misinformation in the public sphere about COVID-19, testing and the new vaccines.

“We want to raise awareness, we want to debunk misinformation," he said.

The borough president said hospitals and nursing homes in the Bronx have received "tens of thousands" of vaccines and many health care workers have since taken the vaccine.

When the time comes, Diaz said he will take the vaccine, but will only do so when his category will be able to.


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