Storm poses challenges for Staten Island paper carrier


Newspapers fly though the snowflakes as veteran deliveryman Tom Brice makes his rounds in West Brighton."That's probably my best throw of the day,'' said Brice. It's one of Brice's harder days in his more than 15 years on the job with the Staten Island Advance, the borough's daily paper. He said, "its almost like an obstacle course." He has to traverse slippery sidewalks and navigate snowbanks to deliver more than 170 newspapers. Brice says carrying the bags feels like lifting cement. "You really can't prepared for it. It's like anything else. I mean, You ask an athlete how do you prepare for a certain game. A baseball player plays a double header. You have to just go out and do the best you can," he said. Brice's best involved a two hour delay because of poor visibility. But still he bundled up and trudged through the neighborhood. "I am just grateful to be outside. Have a life. Have a job and roof over my head," said Brice. And neighbors in West Brighton say they are thankful for Brice that he is able to deliver no matter the conditions.


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