These NYC hotels are allegedly the worst for bed bugs


There's a lot to consider when booking a hotel—cleanliness, amenities, location—but one of the most important bits of information to know before you hand over your credit card is whether there are bed bugs.

These harmful, blood-sucking critters are known to cause red bite marks, inflammation, blistering, allergic reactions, fatigue, anxiety and irritability. Essentially, coming into contact with bed bugs is a nightmare and the last thing you want to have happen on a trip or stay anywhere.

According to Pest Strategies, an online resource for homeowners and people dealing with pest-related problems, nearly every hotel in NYC has been affected by bed bugs at some point since the 1990s.

It's easy to see why—bed bugs infest new properties by clinging to clothes or hiding inside someone’s belongings and they are resistant to most commercial pesticides, so the only way to remove them is through traps, vacuums, or heat treatments. And once a bed bug is fed, it can live between 135 and 277 days without a meal and up to 2 to 16 months in general. Female beg bugs can lay five to eight eggs per week.

Grossed out yet?

Pest Strategies compiled thousands of hotel reviews from Tripadvisor, Bed Bug Reports, and Bedbug Registry while filtering out the less-than-credible reviews and came up with a list of the top 10 worst NYC hotels with bed bug problems—and Manhattan has the most.


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